About Me


I’m a 33 year old husband, son, brother, health professional and (hopefully) soon to be first time dad living in the midlands (UK). I love trying and learning new skills…but rarely stick at anything long enough to become good at them! Ipso facto – amateurism is my default setting. I’ve also never really been your rugged, bearded, sporty, DIY, alpha-male, man’s man. I’m a bit amateur at even being a man!

After recently learning that my beautiful wife (J) is pregnant with our first child, besides feeling overwhelmingly happy and anxious simultaneously, I realised that I’m literally going to be responsible for another life soon and remember thinking – “f**k me, I really better not screw this up!”

I started this blog to be a record of my experiences/thoughts and attempts at growing up (and not just growing older), and somewhere to voice my musings on anything that interests me. Also, since becoming pregnant, my wife’s always in bed by 9 and I really needed something to do whilst sat on my own…